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Art Paris Solo Exhibit with Galerie du Centre March/Apr 2016

Galerie du Centre April-May 2016 Paris

Modern West Fine Art, Salt Lake City. Group Showing April/ May 2016

Upcoming: Kunstmuseum, Wolfsburg: 'This Was Tomorrow' October 2016

Upcoming: Affordable Art Fair London: Olivia Connelley October 2016

“International Pop” in Minneapolis, Dallas and Philadelphia.

Minneapolis Walker Art Center April 11 – August 29, 2015

Dallas Museum of Art October 11, 2015 – January 17, 2016 Philadelphia Museum of Art February 18, 2016

Pop Impact ! Women Artists » exhibition in Namur. Oct 16, 2015

International Pop Panel at the Dallas Mueseum of Art

Pop Impact - Women Artists

Brigham Young Museum of Art: 'Work To Do' group show

The exhibit featured four women artists who work and live in Utah: Amy Jorgensen, Trent Alvey, Pam Bowman and Jann Haworth. All reflect different aspects of what it means to be a part of the unique physical, emotional and intellectual landscape of 'The West' with particular attention to the sense of independence that this territory inspires.

Upcoming Shows:

Rio Grande Gallery Arts Council - Salt Lake City

Modern West Fine Art Gallery -  Salt Lake City

Kunsthalle-wein Vienna: 'Power Up' Female Pop Art 5 November 2010- 20 Feb 2011

[Travels to Phoenix Art / Stiftung Falckenberg in cooperation with Deichtorhallen Hamburg / April 29 until July 10, 2011 and then Städtische Galerie Bietigheim-Bissingen / July 23 until October 9, 2011]

MUMOK Vienna: 'Hyper Real' 22-10-2010 to 13-02-2011 and travels to Germany and Budapest.

Pop Protest: Art for an anxious age. Fall 2010 Pop Gallery, Wolverhampton Museum of Art.

Pop and Film: Pop Gallery Wolverhampton Mus of Art. 2011

The Brooklyn Museum of Art, NY: Seductive Subversives Oct 2010-Jan 2011 and traels to Tufts, Boston Spring 2011.

Upcoming solo Shows:

Nicholas Treadwell Gallery, Aigen, Austria. Summer 2011

Galerie Du Centre, Paris January 2012

Jann Haworth's solo show is the second show in the newly opened Pop Gallery in Wolverhampton's Gallery of Art. The Museum's first show featured Andy Warhol. The two shows are sharply focused and poles apart despite both flying under the Pop Art banner. They are separated by gender vision, origin [NY vs. LA], and subject. Warhols work embraces 'the product' and the world of advertising, Haworth's is Hollywood.

Her show focuses the first 10 years of her career 61-70 and matched there the high flow mark of Pop Art and butts that decade face to face with her most recent work 2001-2010. The first impact broadcasts the materials from fine art canvas to vinyl plastic, sequins to Old Holland hand ground artists oil paint. All pieces meet us on equal terms: they are all life size with the few exceptions of the giant scale in the charm bracelets and 'jewels'. Under the clearly stated impact vehicles are several constant themes: film making, time representation, and gender challenge. It looks like soft ball-it's really hard-ball.